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    Talk: Val Rommel

    April 17, 2016 by Grace6287

    Valerie " Val" Rommel (?-2014) Is one of the six Protagonistis of 

    unfriened She along with Her frends are responsbile for the death of Laura Barns 

    She is portayied by Courtney Halverson 

    Val was Born and raised in Fresno, California.  Not much is known about her past but it is thought that she used to suffer from seizures at some

    Point. Her acquaintances beleive her to be vain and arrogant and discover she is also a party girl drinks heavilly and smokes marijuana. 

    Her connection to Laura is anbiguous but a Message sent by Laura to Val suggests that Laura may have bullied

    her  at some point. when Laura tries to apologise and ask her to remove the drunk video val tells her to kill herself. 

    After Laura Possesses the Skpe chat she forecs val to d…

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